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Accueil du site > Actualités > Public Server Test (PST) up !
Crée le : 8 janvier 2006
Page affichée 1607 fois
Par : admin
Mise à jour le : 2 février 2006
Public Server Test (PST) up !

Annoncé sur le site officiel :

Chronicle 4 Public Test

Chronicle 4 : Scions of Destiny is now on the Public Test Server ! Visit the Public Test Server forum on the official message board for more information about logging into the test server and testing Chronicle 4.

En clair, annonce officielle de l’ouverture du PST.

Pour se loguer sur le PST (info sur le board officiel)

Welcome to the Public Test Server forum ! By playing on the test server, you can experience new content and changes before they reach the live servers.

To download the Test Server client go to this page :

Use your regular account name and password to log in to the server. (See below if you are having problems logging in.)

Once you are on the Test Server, you can help prevent bugs from reaching the live servers by providing feedback in this forum. In your description, please include :

- Bug Summary
- Steps to Reproduce
- Location when bug occurred (/loc if possible)
- Character Race
- Character ClassProviding other information such your graphics card, how long you were playing, screenshots, and anything else that might be useful is also appreciated. Every detail will help us nail down the issue

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