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Crée le : 16 janvier 2006
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Par : admin
Mise à jour le : 10 janvier 2006
Adena Art Contest

Do you want a chance to show off your artistic talent, and win cool prizes in the process ? It’s time to throw down your hard-earned adena for the sake of art.

Official Rules and Conditions

The Contest Has Ended !
Congratulations ! The winners are :
Artistic :Humorous :Lineage II : 1st Place

by Legoias, Kain

“The Rust Bucket”
by DudeMan69, Bartz

“Adena Dragon”
by Punish, Devianne

2nd Place

“Eye of Medusa”
by Venala, Sieghardt

“Toma ?”
by Dib, Bartz

“The Beautiful”
by Sylie, Gustin

These are the winners, but we will be posting a gallery of other interesting submissions soon ! Thanks again to everyone who participated !

Moyenne : 1.5/5 (55 votes)

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