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Creating an Alliance

If a clan’s level is five or above, the clan leader can go to an NPC that creates alliances and request the creation of an alliance. Alliance names may be comprised of up to sixteen alphabetical and numerical characters, not to include spaces or special characters.

- If a clan already belongs to an alliance, the clan cannot create an alliance of its own, nor can it join another alliance.
- During a castle siege, a clan on the offensive side cannot form an alliance with a clan on the defensive side and vice-versa.
- Clans that are engaged in a clan war against each other cannot form an alliance with each other.
- An alliance can consist of up to three clans, including the alliance leader’s clan. Privileges of an Alliance Leader

The leader of an alliance has the right to add a clan to their alliance. An alliance leader can remove a clan that currently belongs to their alliance. Afterwards, the dismissed clan cannot join another alliance for twenty-four hours after being dismissed. The alliance that removed a clan from its alliance cannot accept a new clan for alliance for twenty-four hours. Should a clan leave an alliance voluntarily rather than being dismissed by an alliance leader, the alliance can accept another clan to join it at any time.

Dissolving an Alliance

An alliance leader may dissolve an alliance without obtaining consent from clan leaders whose clans belong to the same alliance. The alliance leader who dissolved the alliance cannot establish a new alliance for ten days after the alliance’s dissolution. The alliance leader also loses experience that is equal to one character death when the alliance is dissolved. When an alliance is dissolved, unlike the dissolution of a clan, it will take effect immediately. Any related functions, such as alliance chat, will stop at once. Alliance-related actions, such as dissolve, leave, and dismiss can happen at any time, even during a clan or alliance war. However, an alliance cannot be dissolved during a castle siege.

Leaving an Alliance

A clan that has left an alliance can not join another alliance for twenty-four hours.

Alliance Functions

Alliance Chat Channel

A chat channel is offered only to alliance members. This channel exists separately from the clan chat channel. While players are in a clan chat channel, the contents of an alliance chat channel will not be visible and vice-versa.

Creating an Alliance Crest

An alliance leader can create a crest for his alliance that its allied clans can display in addition to each clan’s crest with the command /allycrest. The alliance crest is displayed in front of a clan’s crest. The size of a crest is limited to 8 pixels in width and 12 pixels in length (256 color [8-bit] BMP file).

Alliance Information

An alliance member can view information about the master clan of their alliance, their own clan, the names and total numbers of allied clans and the number of currently logged-in allied clans with the command /allyinfo.

Related Commands

/allyinvite [clan leader]The command used by an alliance leader to invite a clan to join their alliance.
/allyleaveThe command used by a clan leader to leave the alliance that their clan is currently a member of.
/allydismiss [clan name]The command used by an alliance leader to dismiss a particular clan from their alliance.
/allydissolveThe command used by an alliance leader to dismiss their own alliance.
/allycrestThe command used by an alliance leader to register a crest for their alliance.
/allyinfoThe command used to look up the information about their own alliance.

Alliances During a Castle Siege

During a castle siege, the following rules are applied to clans regarding relationships with their alliances :

- A clan that belongs to the same alliance as the defending clan cannot register in a siege on the offensive side. Likewise, a clan that is allied with a clan on the offensive side cannot register in the same siege on the defensive side.
- When a castle siege begins, if a character belongs to an allied clan on the defensive side and they are not currently registered on the defensive side, they will be bounced out of the castle.
- If the castle lord has been replaced during a castle siege (i.e., mid-victory), the new clan that become the owner of the castle and its allied clans that were originally registered on the offense side will be automatically re-registered on the defense side. All other characters will be bounced out of the castle.
- Even during a siege, it is possible to end a relationship with an alliance. When this happens, depending on the situation, the following changes can occur :
- The clan registered as part of the Castle Defense that was formerly allied with the clan that owns the castle becomes an Attacker clan.
- If a clan that is currently registered as part of the Castle Defense breaks its alliance with another clan that does not own the castle, they will continue to participate in the siege as Castle Defense, regardless of their alliance status.
- Once registered for a castle siege, a clan cannot be dismissed from an alliance. An alliance cannot be dissolved once it has been registered for a castle siege.
- If clan ’A’ is allied with clan ’B’ and not registered for a castle siege, but clan ’B’ is registered for a castle siege, clan ’A’ will have a "No Relationship Clan" status towards clan ’B’ regardless of their allied status. The status of "No Relationship Clan" overrides that of an alliance.

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